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Creative Ways to Add a Touch of Class to Your Bathroom

Does your bathroom in the Maidstone area fail to impress? Perhaps you’ve had a recent refurbishment but don’t know how to add the finishing touches. As bathroom fitters and plumbers who work alongside interior designers, NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd can advise on ways to add a touch of class to your bathroom. We serve as the area’s trusted heating engineers and work as mechanical contractors for high-performing builds throughout the Maidstone area.

Boiler servicing is vital to the long-term condition of your bathroom. Call us for an annual service as well as bathroom refurbishments and new installations for property builds.

Freestanding Baths and Walk-in Showers

If you plan to refurbish in the near future, then walk-in showers and freestanding baths could deliver the visual appeal you need. When combined with natural-stone flooring and mirrors with LED lights, you receive a fresh bathroom that combines the old with the new. As bathroom fitters, plumbers and heating engineers, we can also lay underfloor heating that does away with traditional radiators – giving you room for a stunning feature wall that complements these fixtures.

Consider Hanging Fine Art

We may be plumbers and mechanical contractors, but we also know the importance of a decorative touch. A painting will create visual interest in your Maidstone bathroom. If you prefer, consider waterproof wallpaper or colourful subway tiles instead. More than just boiler servicing heating engineers, our bathroom fitters can discuss on-trend ways to decorate your new bathroom without costing the earth.

Decorative Furniture

Modern bathrooms often feature unique styles that stand apart from the other rooms. For this reason, property owners in Maidstone and the nearby areas may choose to experiment. White, decorative furniture can contrast with dark walls while complementing woodgrain flooring. Likewise, simplistic cabinets serve as elegant storage without distracting the eye.

Customers in Maidstone and the surrounding areas can benefit by adding tall furniture or shelving solutions. These will free up space on the ground and reduce the appearance of clutter.

Efficient Heating

Annual boiler servicing keeps the water hot, and the heating turned on. If your boiler needs attention, it’s vital that you call Gas Safe heating engineers. As plumbers and mechanical contractors serving the Maidstone area, we can service or replace the boiler as needed and perform a full design-and-installation service for complex builds. We perform boiler servicing for homeowners, commercial clients and landlords alike.

Throw in Some Greenery

Our bathroom fitters don’t suggest filling the space with rows of potted plants, but the occasional orchid, peace lily or bonsai can make the bathroom feel like a natural place in which to unwind. Mason jars have also become popular among style-conscious homeowners in Maidstone and the surrounding areas – serving to add a creative touch to simplistic bathrooms.

Do you need mechanical contractors, heating engineers or Gas Safe plumbers? NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd consists of expert bathroom fitters who can transform outdated bathrooms with the latest materials and accessories. We listen to your needs, perform boiler servicing and manage large-scale builds from beginning to delivery.

For creative workmanship from the Maidstone area’s premier plumbers and bathroom fitters, please call NDC Plumbing & Heating Ltd on

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